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NiceLabel: Custom Application

Streamline your workflow with custom applications!

NiceLabel, what exactly is it and what can you do with it and what not? NiceLabel comes in many versions, from the free SE version for Epson ColorWorks to complete cloud label printing solutions with document management including complete automation of the workflow.

Regardless of the application, every NiceLabel solution requires a bit of customization and advice . For the automation of label printing processes or the “just” simple printing of labels, Businesslabels can help by offering complete custom solutions. For this purpose, a “customized application” is being built based on the NiceLabel packages.

Have a application custom made?

Creating applications based on NiceLabel sounds simple, but quickly becomes more complex than previously thought. A good inventory of the requirements and wishes is therefore very important. Perhaps even more important is getting a picture in advance and limiting the number of exceptions and determining the data origin.

It is therefore very important that a clear plan is drawn up before thinking about a NiceLabel custom application. What is the expectation of the solution, where does the input and data come from and what should be done with it. Where people can work very flexibly (and time-consuming) on ​​the basis of knowledge, NiceLabel automation can only work well if there is a logical structure and workflow.

Do it yourself, let it or make it together?

Businesslabels has experience and knowledge in creating logical applications based on NiceLabel. In addition to building applications completely, Businesslabels also offers support to companies and IT professionals who would like to be able to make and adapt it themselves. This often costs a few extra hours at the start, but in the long run it results in significant cost savings.

Of course there are also such complex solutions that Businesslabels do not just put together with their own people. Every application is tailor-made and sometimes that requires more than knowledge about just NiceLabel and a label printer. You can also contact Businesslabels in those cases, but in those cases we will, together with our customer, knock on the door of external parties who deal with this on a daily basis.

NiceLabel, what can and cannot be done?

NiceLabel, what can and cannot be done?

Due to the “NiceLabel designer (PRO)” version, there is sometimes some confusion about NiceLabel. So let’s immediately clarify, NiceLabel is not a software package for the graphical “design” of labels. Other software packages are better suited for this, such as Afinity Designer.

What does NiceLabel do? Nicelabel is basically intended to simplify and (partly) automate the printing of labels. This can vary from simply formatting the labels with a background, a barcode and some text in the free SE version to fully automating and managing the printers and labels in the cloud for multiple international locations.

Which version?

Which version is suitable differs per situation, company and expectations. Ultimately, budget also plays a role. NiceLabel is available in many variants and which version fits is not just 1, 2, 3.

Customized applications require a NiceLabel package which offers the possibility for a user interface and automation. The aim of this is almost always ease of use and to make an efficiency improvement in the process of printing labels.

This version of NiceLabel is free and is included on a CD with the Epson ColorWorks printers. Optionally, the software can also be downloaded so that the latest version can be used and also easy because many no longer have a CD-Rom player.

The free version offers very limited options, in a sense there is not much more. done than placing a background, some text and a barcode. Sufficient for a number of users, far too little for many (which is why it is also free).

The NiceLabel Designer version offers many possibilities when it comes to working with variables and databases. Think of linking to a database file, automatically placing the best before date and assigning batch numbers.

The Designer PRO also offers limited options for creating a print form to simplify printing of the tags. However, the possibilities are limited and therefore almost always insufficient for custom applications.

NiceLabel Powerforms suite is the most widely used version of the NiceLabel software packages for creating and managing custom solutions. This NiceLabel version offers almost unlimited possibilities for building, managing and customizing print solutions for labels.

Powerforms offers advanced database possibilities, including the automatic processing of print jobs. In addition, NiceLabel’s Powerforms can be used to build your own user interface. In addition, NiceLabel Powerforms is often extended with a NiceLabel print license, this license is ideal for operator stations where only printing is allowed and where restrictions are needed for adjusting the labels.

Licenses: Single user & multi-user

The aforementioned NiceLabel packages are all available as so-called single user variants, whereby the license can only be installed and activated on 1 workstation. The advantage of this license form is that the number of printers to be controlled is unlimited. The disadvantage is of course that there is only 1 place to print and work from.

In addition, Nicelabel offers licenses, with the exception of the Express, based on the number of printers, usually for 3 printers, 5 printers and 10 printers. This license form is exactly the other way around, because where this license looks at how many printers are used and limits it, these licenses can be installed on an unlimited number of workstations, provided they are located in 1 network domain.

NiceLabel Label Management System

The NiceLabel Label Management System standardizes your entire label printing process in one platform. It includes everything you need to transform your labeling processes.

The NiceLabel Label Management System includes a label designer, document management system, application builder, web printing system (for manual printing), integrated printing system, a non-production environment and a switch and transport system. It scales from five users to thousands and can be expanded to remote locations, suppliers or contract manufacturers.

  • Label designer

    Design labels with the easy-to-use label designer
    The NiceLabel designer delivers a familiar Microsoft Word-like user experience that allows anyone to quickly design labels. It moves label design from IT to business users.

  • Printing labels

    Deploy, manage and print labels centrally
    With our web printing system, you can centrally deploy and manage all manual printing applications in one click across multiple sites, locations at home and abroad, internal and external suppliers, contractors and other locations.

  • Document management

    Manage your labeling in our document management system
    Think of it like SharePoint for labeling. Design, review, approve and manage labeling from a centralized database without installing software on workstations.

  • Integrated printing

    Integrate label printing with your business systems
    Integrate label printing with SAP or other business systems to increase label accuracy, print efficiency and establish a single source of truth for your label data.

Request a custom application?

So plenty of choice and possibilities. But what next? To build a custom application and make an initial estimate of the costs, there are a number of standard questions that must always be answered. Below is a small initial checklist with standard questions that must be answered before you can start with the inventory. In addition, the willingness to change certain workflows is important, because to improve the workflow changes have to be made, often outside of the printing itself.

How many users/workstations and printers will be used? Also consider the number in the near future

Where does the data to be processed come from and to what extent can it be processed? (Think ERP system, database files, manual information and automatic data such as best before date and batch numbers)

Can this data be linked to the necessary images, label designs and other desired variables?

Are the data flows logical?

What goals should be achieved with the automation? (efficiency, reduction of the margin of error, both or other reasons)

How many locations are being worked on (especially in the number of network domains)

Is there an IT specialist / programmer present internally who wants to (partly) take on the project himself?

What are the costs?

This is of course a logical question, but it is also a question that is impossible to answer in general. What we can give away, a first inventory conversation is always free and already offers a lot; perspective (and often a whole list of extra questions to answer).

After the first conversation and receiving all the requested information, it will be decided whether it is possible to make a first cautious cost estimate. It may also be necessary to schedule a 2nd meeting and/or involve an extra contact person. In those cases, it remains a free inventory.


Businesslabels likes to be in touch with its customers and the easiest thing to do is usually just give them a call. However, given the complexity of a custom NiceLabel application, mail contact is much more effective. Ultimately, the choice is up to the customer, but the conversation will always end with the request to put all information on the email, so we know for sure that we are going in the right direction.

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