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If the desired label is not among our stock items, we can have the product made exactly as you wish. This can be very interesting with the right volumes, with customization the price is always very dependent on the order volume. However, we need all the right information to be able to make an appropriate proposal for you. For this we have made an easy form that we can use to create the right product for you. We also like to think along with you, so you can always ask for advice. If you have any questions about any of the questions on the form, please call us.

    Label size

    RectangleRoundSpecial shape

    Perforation between labelsLabel in LabelCuts in label


    Material is known

    You already have an article with us and want the same material or have received samples.

    Material advice based on requirements

    Based on your wishes regarding the properties of the material, we will determine which of our
    materials suits you best. Or are we looking for a material that we are not yet using that is
    suitable for your application.


    How are the labels printed and processed

    Tell us with which printer and any accessories and / or other machines the label are processed

    How are the labels affixed or attached?

    You can apply and / or use labels in various ways. Sometimes we can provide advice based on this knowledge to make / deliver the media in a specific way.

    By handDispenserSemi automatic applicatorIn a production linePrint & Apply in line



    Sometimes just the application can make a lot clear to us and sometimes only the surface on which it
    is applied can have consequences on which materials we can use. That is why we would like to hear
    what you want to print and what you will use it on. We sometimes also ask to send an example of an
    object to check internally whether the glue works properly, for example.


    To be able to make you a suitable proposal and a quotation, the consumption and the order
    frequency are both very important. We can often be very flexible regarding arrangements for
    purchase based on demand or decisions based on the numbers of whether a size product is
    profitable or whether we may have to offer a comparable product from our range.

    Contact details

    How can we reach you?

    Based on all the information, we will work for you to create a suitable solution and a fair offer. It
    is of course possible that we first have some questions or want to propose something.

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