To make the most beautiful and smartest labels, you often have to use special software to do this efficiently.
Because a label often differs greatly functionally from a traditional A4 piece of paper, the needs and ways to create it are also different.
But there are also various applications in label design that require a different approach, so we divide them into 2 segments.
Functional labels (warehouse labels, shipping labels etc.) and Graphic labels (product labels, coupons etc.)
And in some cases they fall in between because they have both logical nature and graphic needs like ExpoBadges for example.

In many cases use can be made of an existing package that you use, for example your CRM or accounting program.
Or you have several PDF files available for static labels to print and you can simply use the free Adobe PDF reader to print them.
But sometimes there is also a need for a more specialized package or there are wishes that cannot be realized in the often limited functions that are included in your CRM package, for example.
That is why you will often find a form of a free software package with your label printer, but you must take into account that these are often stripped-down versions of label software and it is often intended to quickly print a simple label.
Not to realize graphical masterpieces in an instant or to realize complex software solutions with databases etc.

Logical labels

Often there is a need to print variable data on a label, this can vary from a best before date to complex database connections and logical calculations in different places and with a custom designed UI (User Interface).
For this wide range of different applications we sell NiceLabel which we believe is the most user-friendly and modern package in the market at the moment and offer a large number of different packages to serve almost all segments.
For example, there are small packages that make it easy to print different labels based on an Excel list and automatically calculate the best before date based on the number of months stored in the Excel list.
To large packages that are used by large multinationals and all over the world manage, approve and roll out their labels in a manageable way and can even let you work smartly from a browser.

Graphic labels

Sometimes you just want to print a striking and breathtaking label, with the new full color label printers on the market you are able to print the most beautiful labels on demand.
Now you only have to make a very beautiful design and be able to adjust it with small changes or make a copy for example to roll out a new flavor.
You can of course outsource this, but often these costs are enormous and, for example, with a small adjustment it takes a very long time and the costs are sometimes higher than hoped for a relatively small adjustment.
Now there are of course different packages available and they are often very expensive

Transform your labelproces

Nicelabel is software that you can adapt completely to your own process.
There are different versions of Nicelabel SE for Epson Colorworks where you can simply place labels designed by images, text and barcodes to a NicelabelCloud in which you can easily create complex applications yourself and use them from anywhere in a browser.

License for 1 user to design labels and link them to Excel databases. With this license you have a Designer and special print application to be able to print error-free. Ideal for small companies that have 1 label for many different products and with the data in an Excel database with 1 design can easily adjust all data in the label automatically.

For companies with multiple users and need for more complex labels and connection to different types of databases (SQL & Access and many others).
With this license you get a Designer and special print interface for error-free printing.

Ideal for creating small labels that do complex information, functions and calculations based on an input and/or database.

There are 2 different license types available.
Per user with no limit to the number of printers.
Or per 2, 5, 10 or more printers and unlimited number of users within the same workgroup in your network.

Ideal for companies that want to create and adapt a controlled printing process to their own wishes and needs.
With Powerforms you are able to make your own interface application that, in addition to printing labels, can also do a lot of other things such as modify the database, create new labels and also allow you to use your own VB and Phyton code, for example.
This interface can then be used by the entire company and can be used for streamlined and error-free label printing and logging everything that has been done.

Ideal for creating labels that do complex information, functions and calculations based on an input and/or database.
And can be completely adapted to your own wishes and desired way of use.

This license is valid per printer for 3, 5, 10 or more printers and an unlimited number of users within the same workgroup.

The affordable and complete design software for creative labels

Affinity is an affordable design program and very similar to, for example, Adobe.
Affinity offers 3 different packages: Designer, Photo & Publisher for different applications.
The nice thing is when you have 2 or all packages you can use them in the same interface and you don’t have to switch to Illustrator and Photoshop like for example with Indesign and Photoshop to make pixel or vector adjustments.

Are you looking for a package that can do it all and sometimes has things that will surprise you, then give Affinity designer a try.

They are available for Windows, Mac and iPad!

Affinity Designer

De ideale vector en design tool voor creatieve labels!

Affinity Photo

De ideale Pixel en foto tool voor creatieve afbeeldingen!

Affinity Publisher

De ideale tool om tekst en elementen samen te voegen voor brochures en informatieve labels!

SE for Epson ColorWorks

To easily and quickly design a label with text, images and a barcode, there is a free version of Nicelabel that only works for the Epson Colorworks printers.

It is an easy package that you can get started with quickly, but if you want to design and print labels a bit more seriously, we still recommend choosing Affinity Designer or a paid package from Nicelabel early on.