Starter set beer labels "High-gloss silver"

Striking silver bottle labels

As a real beer brewer, it is your job and passion to brew the most beautiful beers. From traditional to strange and creative beers are nowadays passed by on the store shelves. How do you ensure that your beer bottles stand out from all those other beer bottles?

With this starter set you purchase very striking labels in combination with a high-quality inkjet label printer. The high-gloss silver inkjet labels that are included guarantee a striking label and offer the possibility to give an extra boost to sales. Because no matter how beautiful and special your beer is, if the bottle does not stand out from the rest, it will also be sold less.

  • The package “Starter set beer labels” High-gloss silver “consists of:
  • 1x Epson CW-C6000Ae label printer
  • 1x Extra ink set complete
  • 1x Maintenancebox
  • 4x Label roll DIA300 high gloss silver inkjet labels 76×127 mm


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2.922,15 incl. TAX
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Starter set beer labels “High-gloss silver”

The number of breweries that are commercially engaged in brewing and selling specialty beers has been increasing for years. With the increase in the number of commercial beer breweries, the number of specialty beers has also increased enormously. The days when these special beers were only available at the local catering industry are long gone. From local liquor stores to the large supermarket chains, they have all set up shelf space in recent years with special beers from the smaller specialty beer brewers.

The rise of the many specialty beer brewers also means a much greater variety of beer labels. Fortunately, beer labels are now very easy to print yourself without worrying about the inks running out. Varying in label format is also becoming easier. This makes it easier than ever to provide each production of specialty beer with its own label and other variable data such as bottling and best before date.

The “Startset beer labels High-gloss silver” is a strange duck among the beer label starter sets. Where the starter sets for beer labels are mainly based on labels that are easy to rinse off the beer bottles, this set contains labels that are really stuck. The purpose of this set is above all to stand out. To ensure that your beer stands out from the other beer bottles, a high-gloss silver label is a real solution. Every print you make with this silver paper creates a special effect and is always striking. So if you want striking beer labels and reuse of the bottles is not your thing, then you are in the right place with this set.

High gloss silver paper

The high-gloss silver label material from Diamondlabels is a high-quality inkjet coated paper. The permanent adhesive provides strong adhesion to glass, tin and many other materials. The high-gloss silver background gives the most surprising and fantastic effects when printing. Due to the striking properties of this material, standing out on the store shelves is easier than ever. Prefer to print gold? No problem, with a little play with yellow colors and gradients you can easily print a gold effect.

Color labels, moisture resistant

Printing labels in color with an inkjet printer, is that useful? Printing with an inkjet printer still gives the expectation that the ink will run out due to moisture. With the Epson ColorWorks printers, that is a thing of the past.

The Epson ColorWorks inkjet color label printers are ideal for printing color labels. The materials of Diamond labels are also of very high quality. The combination of a good material such as the DIA300 from Diamondlabels with the Epson CW-C6000Ae ensures fantastic labels. However, the silver label can have a strange effect with water, as the labels can turn white. However, after drying, the label will be silver again.

Die-cut 76 x 127 mm

Fixed format labels with rounded corners is the most common type of label for label printers. The labels have neatly rounded corners and the printer detects where the label starts and ends. With a little extra attention, a pre-cut label can be printed neatly from edge to edge, so white edges around the label are not necessary, but of course you can.

The label format 76 x 127 mm is a label format that can be used universally for beer bottles. The label format works well on both the classic Steinie and Longneck but can also be used standing up on various types of 75 cl. beer bottles. That is why this label format for the beer bottles is seen as the most universal format.

The printer, an Epson CW-C6000Ae

The included Epson CW-C6000Ae is a high-quality label printer with a print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. These label printers are designed for industrial use which makes them extremely reliable. The label printers of the Epson CW-C6000 series are also equipped with special possibilities for managing colors and the Ae version has a built-in paper knife.

For printer capacity and quality, the Epson CW-C6000Ae is an affordable color label printer. The quality in combination with the speed of printing and possible cutting makes the CW-C6000Ae ideal for printing professional product labels. Combine this with Diamondlabels special DIA600B glossy inkjet paper and you have the best possible solution for printing beer labels. This gives the beer bottles a label that pays homage to the passion and attention that has been paid to the content. In addition, these ColorWorks color label printers are distinguished by their high reliability, low ink costs and the self-maintaining system.

Businesslabels has been working with Epson for the ColorWorks label printers since 2014 and, through the knowledge and training gained, can help customers set up the printers and solve malfunctions even after purchase. At Businesslabels, this is a free service for the customers.

Sample printouts?

Almost convinced, but is it really as fantastic as Businesslabels claims? We can almost hear you thinking, ink from an inkjet printer really does run out, right?

We understand the doubt and are happy to take it away. how? Simply, send us your label in PDF or in another high-resolution file and your address details. We print a number of examples for you in our demo room and send them. This way you can see, feel and experience the labels yourself. We are sure you will be convinced!

Would you rather have a live demonstration at our office? Contact us to make an appointment, we would like to let you experience all the possibilities yourself under the guidance of an Epson specialist.
Request a loan printer or demonstration

This starter set consists of the following products:

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